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Request a Duplicate Registration Card



A duplicate logbook (duplicata de carte grise) may be obtained if you lose yours otherwise you cause you to fly. this is often merely a replica copy of the registration card. It differs from the straightforward indisputable fact that the term "duplicate" is listed higher than.


A criticism with the police should be filed if your grey card was purloined. While not criticism, you'll be able to not head to the prefecture to request a duplicate of your certificate. By cons, if you only gray card duplicate registration card lost (carte grise duplicate), you want to 1st head to the prefecture of your housing place for filing a declaration of loss.


The request for a replica is then terribly simple: you would like to travel to the prefecture (or sub-prefecture if it's approved to try and do so) by providing:


An identity


Proof of residence


The proof of worthiness established and still valid


Declaration of felony or loss statement


Of the registration request cerfa No. 13750 * 03


In the same means that during a 1st application for a replacement license, the prefecture can organize for you to raise the service of the National Printing a duplicate of your registration card. You’ll receive on to your home inside secure fold.


Once the applying is completed, and unfinished receipt of the duplicate you, you'll be able to still drive your vehicle with maintaining you report the felony or loss. Therefore you have got a month within which you'll be able to unremarkably use your vehicle.


Regarding the value of the request for a replica, you'll be needed to pay all taxes that seem on your gray internet duplicate card (duplicata carte grise en ligne). Regional tax, management fee and delivery fee. This rate is commonly reduced as a result of aid regions that support a share of taxes. If you have stolen your gray card (carte grise vole) visit


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